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Al’s line-bred, primarily tetraploid hybrids are famous for their color, size, durability and bloom time.  “Many of my customers leave for the office in the morning,” Al noted. “On their way out the door they’d like to see an open flower - one that will still be in bloom when they return home for dinner.” 

“Goldner once told a customer that although the resident was paying for Al’s landscape services, in reality he was paying for Al’s pleasure in life, which was his love of the landscape.”

  1. -Garden Spot Column, Birmingham Eccentric, October 30, 2003

A pioneer in the Michigan landscape industry, Al Goldner founded Goldner-Walsh Nursery in 1953 and began breeding daylilies in 1964 to accompany the already exotic array of plant materials - azaleas, Japanese maples, rhododendrons - he had become known for. 

In 2006, the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden at Al’s alma mater, Michigan State University, opened a permanent collection of the many hybrids he developed over his long and distinguished career.

Al at his Telegraph Road residence, Bloomfield Township, Michigan, 1998.